Protecting the privacy of your personal information

In accord with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, all health information collected, used, disclosed and stored at this practice is treated with the highest standard possible to ensure your privacy is maintained.

What information is collected?

Only necessary information for the undertaking of functions and activities relating to the services we offer is collected.

Why we collect health information?

We collect information to manage your health issues and to aid in the normal running of the business, e.g. billing.

How we handle your health information

Our Doctors and staff are trained to handle your personal information discretely and privately. We also engage in a range of security initiatives to protect your information from loss or misuse. You may obtain access to your health information. Usually, information is available within 30 days of lodging a request. Nominal administrative charges may apply.

Organisations or persons to whom information is disclosed

Health providers involved in your treatment and care may receive selected information from your personal health record. These include pathology, hospital, radiology, and specialist services.

Consequences of not providing all or part of the information requested

There may be serious repercussions is we do not know who you are, how to contact you, or be able to contact you in a timely manner. Withholding personal health information from your Doctor or others involved in your health care may put your life or health at risk.

If you have any questions about how we handle your personal health information or need to arrange access to your records, please talk to your Doctor or one of our caring practice staff.